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When it’s time to elevate your closet and your look

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Meet Sheena, Founder

Hi! I’m Sheena a multi-passionate mom who loves to help other women feel more confident. I have been privately helping friends and family with wardrobe consultation for the last 20 years and previously worked in merchandising and retail.

I have found that over the last few years in particular, a lot of us women have lost our sense of personal style, and honestly a bit of our confidence as well.

Our goal is to help you Feel, Act, Look, and Live more confidently!

Closet Refresh

Why choose a Closet Refresh?

Are you feeling like your closet is a bit dull? Maybe you feel like you have the same clothes you had 10 years ago? It may be time for a closet refresh. You should feel good with what you put on your body every day, and the first place to start is right in your closet (and dressers!) This is the best, first place to start with shifting to more confidently sharing your personal style.

What to Expect:

Let’s go through your existing wardrobe, trim out what doesn’t work for you anymore, and maximize what you have. Together we will edit your closet to only include the pieces you feel and look most confident in. This is a one-time service (with quarterly options available).

  • Image/Style Consultation in person or via zoom.
  • A minimum of 3 hours of cleaning out and organizing
  • Closet editing and donation takeout of clothing you no longer desire to keep.
  • Outfit pairing with refreshed closet (photos included for easy dressing after the session)
  • Follow-up recommendations and where-to-shop guide based on your personal style.


One time Fee: $150 (up to 3 hours) | $25 for every additional hour

Seasonal Refresh: $500 (paid annually) - which includes 4 sessions, a savings of $100.

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Personal Shopping

Why Choose Personal Shopping

It can often feel overwhelming and disheartening to walk into a shop or order online and it not feel quite right. Or maybe you just have literally no time to do this yourself. Or maybe you have noidea how to shop for your body tyoe and can’t find clothing that fits just right? If any of this feels aligned for you, personal shopping is a great option, we’re here to help!

What to Expect:

Together we will help you feel most confident in your new wardrobe. Personal Shopping can range from key, capsule pieces to a full wardrobe refresh. It is entirely up to you. Our job is to help you feel the most confident in what you wear, how you look, and how you act in your new wardrobe.

  • Image/Style consultation in person or via Zoom
  • Service Options:
    • Digital recommendations (for you to order)
    • In-person shopping experience together
    • personal shopping for you with in-home try-on.
  • Follow-up call or in person. meeting to check-in


Digital Recommendations: $100 for five outfits

In-Person Shopping Experience: $50 per hour + cost of clothing

Shop For You: $300 per shopping experience (up to 10 outfits) + Cost of clothing

Fashion/Event Styling

Why Choose Fashion/Event Styling?

Have an event coming up? Want to refresh your style to include some more, maybe edgy pieces? Do you often attend events and want some key go-to pieces you can easily grab and go? Event Styling may be perfect for you!

What to Expect:

Let’s get you ready to steal the show for any upcoming events you have! Together we can create a single or section of outfits for an upcoming event. We can also build you a collection of event-ready outfits.

  • Image/Style Consultation in person or via Zoom
  • Service Options:
    • Single Outfit per event (will coordinate bringing you up to three outfits to choose from based on the event details)
    • Event Wardrobe elevation (via personal shopping with you or for you). Presentation of up to 10 ready-to-wear event outfits.
    • Digital outfit coordination (up to ten digital outfits to order on your own)


Digital Recommendations: $250 (up to 10)

In-Person Shopping Experience: $50 per hour + cost of clothing

Shop for you: $300 per shopping experience (up to 10 outfits) + Cost of clothing

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Getting Started

There are three easy steps to getting started with Styled by Sheena

  1. Fill out our application and share what services you are most interested in, more about your personal style, and what your measurements are.
  2. Hop on a brief (15-minute) intro call to go over your application and select the services that fit your needs best.
  3. Get started! From our call, we will schedule your image consultation and services to help you feel, look, and act more confident.